Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Frankfurter Bookfair 2012

Hello!  。◕ ‿ ◕。
Last Sunday was the bookfair in Frankfurt! It was soo much fun with my girls ♥.

Everything started at Saturday evening. May, Jenny and Jessica decided to come over earlier, because we wanted to sleep a little bit longer. (^▽^). This night was so damn crazy! First we watched Harry Potter, than Adventure Time and in the End Ali G. May was very sleepy, so we decided to go to bed at 12pm.  But how life goes, she wasn't sleepy at all then. xDD . This night was very hard for all of us!! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
(Nevermind cutie, It was funny althrough.. :D ) 

Our day started at 6am. We set off at 8:30am. (We hurried a lot..but..yeah. Girls..)
We arrived at ~ 11 o' clock. And of course we took some Photos! ;3
(1. Me driving.  Nothing special (=゜ω゜)      2. Standing outside. Wanted to smoke a Cigarette :s  )   

My beloved Ponybag and my full Outfit. (≧ω≦)

Beautiful Jessi (<3) and a chinese Yaoi Novel. Gosh, Why didn't I bought it? D:

Cute May and me. PONY KIIIIISS! ヽ(๏∀๏ )ノ

May, me and "Die Maus" (The Mouse)
("The mouse" is one of the most successful children's programs on German television!)

 Jenny and me. I loved your outfit soo much ! >___< ♥!
Thank you for being at my side :) 

 Searching my car.ಥ‿ಥWe were so super stupid.. xD We parked in the red area..not the yellow. Haha.

Thank you girls for this awesome day! I was happy as hell, and I hope we can repeat this great "Adventure" ! ♥ ♥ ♥

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Waiting..waiting and ..Italy.

Hello Guys !  (≧ω≦)
It's been a month since I've posted anything. D:
At the moment my life is really..boring.. Nothing happens. I have srsly no desire to go to any meetups.
I think it's the German weather.  ( ̄□ ̄)'

But on Sunday I will finally go to the "Franfurter Buchmesse" (Frankfurter Bookfair) with my girls <3 I am so excited! ಥ⌣ಥ . Meeting other Lolitas again, a Miracle! 

I was also on a school trip to Italy. (5 Days, Venice). But when I'm honest.. it was really boring.  We had no special trips, no tour through Venice.. Kept short : NEVER AGAIN.  But I'll show you some pictures through (^^;)


AND; what I really wanted to say.. I hate waiting! Sooo much ><
My Dakimakura is still not here. After one month ;_; .. I just want my Akira (Togainu no Chi) >o<

 (For interest, I paid ~ 30€)

I am also waiting for this cool Makeup-Set from e.l.f ♥. A nice Lolita from USA picked this up for me at a participating Walgreens store!! *_*

 (I wanted the Maleficent one soooo much!!)

So..I don't have much more to tell..My life is boring in my Freetime ಠ_ಠ *finally noticed*
Today I was at a friends house and played "Tombi" (TOMBA) for PS1 again. Does anybody remember this cool game? I wanted to share it..bady .ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Thanks for reading xx ♥

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Connichi 2012 !

Hello Cuties ! <3  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
Yesterday I visited the „Connichi“ in Kassel, one of the biggest Coventions in Germany !
Firstly I had to get up at 4am. Man, I thought I’d die. D: ! But my Make-Up always takes some time.  When I was ready, I drove to a friend by car. (In the dark, ½ hours..in Lolita. Yeah :D ). At 6am we packed my things in her car and we set off ! The opening was at 10am, we arrived at 07:40am. Luckily we got a parking place directly at the premises !!ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Because of the many time we had left, we lunched on the meadow behind the building.  At 9 a’ clock I placed myself in front of the doors , because at 10:30am there was an autograph session with Ayano Yamane! <33 . No way I could miss this! The first hour passed quickly, and they opened the doors. Quickly I showed my Ticket and began to ran to the Autograph room. Srsly, I think I looked reeeally retarded ^^”  (I noticed the map, so I knew where I had to turn in order not to walk the wrong direction.. xD). Lucky me I were fast and I were the 6 or 7th girl. Then we had to wait another half hour.  Suddly a guy from the publisher came to us, saying that Ayano-Sensei were only allowed to give 100 Autographs per day and I got a special red ticket. Somehow  I felt bad for the girls who were to slow.. :/ . After all the stressful waiting time (with some annoying “13-year-old” fan-girlies..) I finally got my autograph from Ayano Yamane. *3* She were soooo nice, and told me how cute I am in my Lolita Outfit. I were also able to choose one free Post Card. Damn, that was the hardest decision of my whole life.  ((((゜д゜;)))) 

After that I went to the dealer space, but I didn’t find something special. That’s because I went to the Bring & Buy. And it was full as hell! So many people in a small sticky room. >_< . I were really sad, so I just looked after some Loli-Things and Yaoi Mangas at the 18+ section. Lucky me I found a mint Metamorphose Cardigan, new with Tag! For only 30€ instead of NP 8,400 Yen. ! (I know, it’s an Lucky Pack item, but I wanted it soo bad for so long time! Picture some text down here.) . I swore to myself to look after the Bring and Buy later again. 
The rest of the day I walked around,  hung around, ate some salad, and took Photos of me in a small shooting. I also watched the Group-Cosplay  competition and an Avatar stage play from a Showgroup. Then I decided to go to the Bring and Buy again..  It was worse than before!! But I wanted new Mangas so badly, that’s because I stood  there for about one hour.. But I think it was worth it. :33 Here are my archievements! <3

- Nitro+Chiral Special Edition Artbook <3 (Will write about this down here) - 18€
- Kire Papa  /キレパパ。Vol. 1  - 4€
-  The Devils Secret /
アクマのひみつ Akuma no Himitsu  / Des Teufels Gehemins (Oneshot) – 3€
Challengers /
チャレンジャーズ Challangers / Küss mich Student! Vol. 1-4 with case – 15€
- Metamorphose  temps de fille Cardigan in mint, new – 30€

(I also bought a signed Poster from the famous german illustrator Lancha, Gosh I love her !)

Here are some extra Pictures from the Artbook for my friend Jenny, she is also an BL- Lover //D
For those people, who doesn't know these games, they contain much 18+ Boys Love! ^^"
Both are Japanese games, but Togainu no Chi is full fan- translated into english.

~> Togainu no Chi Game Opening
~>Lamento - Beyond the Void- Game Opening



At the end of the day we all were really stressed, so we drove home at 19 o’ clock.
All in all, the day was very wonderful, I met so many nice people :3
Can’t wait for Connichi 2013. <3

Extra Photos!

My Outfit

Photo with beautiful Monoloque de Chi (。♥‿♥。)

Thank you for reading xx ♥

Friday, August 17, 2012

Still alive! / Holiday Experiences

Hello cuties ~ !
So, the vacation ends for me next wednesday ..
I were so lazy for the last days. I wanted to blog so many things, but I simply had no time.
Now, I want to share some Events with you. (✿◠‿◠)

Europapark Rust

In the second week of the holidays I went to the Europapark Rust from Wednesday to Friday with my best friend Kristijan. I can tell you, the car drive was so crazy! We drove for 6 ½ hours, instead of 4. Our hotel room was okay. (Apart from our super hot heater, and the small television haha.)

At the first day we stayed at our hotel, and decided to go hiking!  (Whose idea was that? o_o'The climb was veeery exhausing, but we were rewarded by a wonderful view!

The next day we visited the Europapark. It wasn’t my first time, but Kristijan wanted to see it anyway. The weather was perfect to ride some roller coasters and water rides! <3 We had so much fun together.

I can only say: If you are in Germany, visit it!  The entrance for two day costs about 70€ for adults. There are also Hotels at the park, but they are a little bit costly. Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes,  the park is quite large!

At the end I wanted to share some.. well.. "unhealthy food" pictures..

Animagic 2012 - Sunday

I also visited the “Animagic” (Big Convention in Germany) some weeks ago. ()  I drove by car with my friend May, because there was a small Lolita fashion show! I attended with my Oldschool Sweet-Lolita Outfit. The weather was really bad.. It rained the whole day! And I weren’t  able to go inside, because I had an “Outdoor Ticket”.. But all the models were allowed to stay at the “Dunkelsuess” booth. (This is the German Lolita Community). 

Beautiful Miri and me! I look so derpy..(≧д≦)

At the end of the day I  were able to go inside. (Don't want to comment this further.. ;) ) I swore to myself not to buy anything! But in the end I just couldn't resist on these things D: ! (¬_¬) 

A "Finder" Poster, Love Celeb Vol. 4, and the BTSSB Mook with Bag (。♥‿♥。)

 All in all, the Anmiagic was okay. But in my opinion the Dokomi is a way better!

Random Things / Now

So, today is Friday - sadly. But Sunday I will go to the Gamescom in Cologne with Jenny! I hope it won't be so hot. (The weather forecast says ~ 40° degrees!!!!) !(◎_◎;)  Not rly perfect for Lolita - instead if you want to wear a big hime wig.  But like my mother says "Wer schön sein will muss leiden" (Who wants to be beautiful must suffer)

At the end I want to share "my catchy song for summer 2012".
This is the fault of my cousin. DEFINITLY.(* ̄∇ ̄*)

Thank you for reading ! ☆ミ

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Derping around & Visiting the Cinema!

Hello cuties ♥!
 So today were a special day :)
 I met Jenny in the city! At first we thought her "school" would start this week, but recently it only starts next week ^^"
 We decided to wear Lolita, because the weatherforcast didn't look good for the rest of the week. (>_<)

 At first we went to the "Thiergallerie" in Dortmund - because I were veeeery hungry ( ̄□ ̄;)
 Me eating some french fries. Not very healthy, but cheap :D

 Jenny also gave me my Birthday Present!
I were so exicted, because she visited BTSSB Paris some weeks ago! ♥ ( ・ω・)
I had to close my eyes - first I didn't realized why, but then..

 A Hogarts letter! So damn cool! *O*
You are good at crafting sweetie :3

 And I also got this:
 A super cute stationary from BTSSB, a Postcard and a mini Usakumya. (This will take place in my car. ^o^)Thank you my dear <333333You are the best friend ever!

 After that we decided to walk around the city.
We stopped at the "Saturn" and discovered this super-awesome DVD!
 No matter what, Adventure Time is the coolest TV-Show ever! 

 Then we went to the neraby cinema. Some time ago we swore us to watch "Dark Shadows" - Johnny Depp & Tim Burton are the best partners for movies!

 The movie was very good - but the end was a little bit.. meh. We expected a little bit more :s 

 Now - our Outfits!

 Jenny <3

..and me. (Damn, I look so.. derpy D: )

That was our day :) Thank you for reading! ☆ミ

Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Holidays + Dream-Dress alarm

Hello Guys! ♥ ^_~
So, today the summer vacation begins. (^。^) Yay!
 The last ten weeks I were attending a practical training. Finally, it's over. ._.
I mean, media designer is a VERY cool job - but hanging around isn't very.. exiciting?!
But after that I don't want to comment it further.

Now let's begin with the "happy part"! 
Today I recieved my absolute Dream-Dress ♥

Holy Night Story JSK + Bonnet in Black!

Thank you Fanu that you sold me this gorgeous piece.
I also recieved my new Bodyline Blouse. 

Nothing special, but still cute.

Now I have to search for the Jewelry Jelly JSK ♥
(And a pair of black Shoes in size 24,5 ._.)

So, what should I do know?
Yes! Play Sims 2! ∩( ・ω・)∩
I installed all games on my new computer - that means: goodbye, social life.. :D

I also have to say goodbye to my cutie Jenny.
Three weeks without you, that will be hard >_<
No conversations about Harry Potter, Lolita or games \(゜ロ゜)
But I wish you luck that you'll learn japanese in Bonn.. ♥ Teach me, when you are back!!

Bonus Pictue of us :3

No I have so say goodbye, thank you for reading! ☆彡 
~ Creamy.