Friday, July 6, 2012

Finally Holidays + Dream-Dress alarm

Hello Guys! ♥ ^_~
So, today the summer vacation begins. (^。^) Yay!
 The last ten weeks I were attending a practical training. Finally, it's over. ._.
I mean, media designer is a VERY cool job - but hanging around isn't very.. exiciting?!
But after that I don't want to comment it further.

Now let's begin with the "happy part"! 
Today I recieved my absolute Dream-Dress ♥

Holy Night Story JSK + Bonnet in Black!

Thank you Fanu that you sold me this gorgeous piece.
I also recieved my new Bodyline Blouse. 

Nothing special, but still cute.

Now I have to search for the Jewelry Jelly JSK ♥
(And a pair of black Shoes in size 24,5 ._.)

So, what should I do know?
Yes! Play Sims 2! ∩( ・ω・)∩
I installed all games on my new computer - that means: goodbye, social life.. :D

I also have to say goodbye to my cutie Jenny.
Three weeks without you, that will be hard >_<
No conversations about Harry Potter, Lolita or games \(゜ロ゜)
But I wish you luck that you'll learn japanese in Bonn.. ♥ Teach me, when you are back!!

Bonus Pictue of us :3

No I have so say goodbye, thank you for reading! ☆彡 
~ Creamy.

1 comment:

  1. Es ist da! Wie klasse!
    Du bist so lieb *_* Und die drei Entzugswochen fangen doch erst am 16. an - ich hab also noch eine Woche zuhause juchee!
    Hab da drüben auch Internet, da lässt sich bestimmt was einrichten! Viel Spaß beim Sims spielen!
    (fuck yeah, es gibt einen jenny tag xD)