Sunday, September 9, 2012

Connichi 2012 !

Hello Cuties ! <3  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 
Yesterday I visited the „Connichi“ in Kassel, one of the biggest Coventions in Germany !
Firstly I had to get up at 4am. Man, I thought I’d die. D: ! But my Make-Up always takes some time.  When I was ready, I drove to a friend by car. (In the dark, ½ Lolita. Yeah :D ). At 6am we packed my things in her car and we set off ! The opening was at 10am, we arrived at 07:40am. Luckily we got a parking place directly at the premises !!ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
Because of the many time we had left, we lunched on the meadow behind the building.  At 9 a’ clock I placed myself in front of the doors , because at 10:30am there was an autograph session with Ayano Yamane! <33 . No way I could miss this! The first hour passed quickly, and they opened the doors. Quickly I showed my Ticket and began to ran to the Autograph room. Srsly, I think I looked reeeally retarded ^^”  (I noticed the map, so I knew where I had to turn in order not to walk the wrong direction.. xD). Lucky me I were fast and I were the 6 or 7th girl. Then we had to wait another half hour.  Suddly a guy from the publisher came to us, saying that Ayano-Sensei were only allowed to give 100 Autographs per day and I got a special red ticket. Somehow  I felt bad for the girls who were to slow.. :/ . After all the stressful waiting time (with some annoying “13-year-old” fan-girlies..) I finally got my autograph from Ayano Yamane. *3* She were soooo nice, and told me how cute I am in my Lolita Outfit. I were also able to choose one free Post Card. Damn, that was the hardest decision of my whole life.  ((((゜д゜;)))) 

After that I went to the dealer space, but I didn’t find something special. That’s because I went to the Bring & Buy. And it was full as hell! So many people in a small sticky room. >_< . I were really sad, so I just looked after some Loli-Things and Yaoi Mangas at the 18+ section. Lucky me I found a mint Metamorphose Cardigan, new with Tag! For only 30€ instead of NP 8,400 Yen. ! (I know, it’s an Lucky Pack item, but I wanted it soo bad for so long time! Picture some text down here.) . I swore to myself to look after the Bring and Buy later again. 
The rest of the day I walked around,  hung around, ate some salad, and took Photos of me in a small shooting. I also watched the Group-Cosplay  competition and an Avatar stage play from a Showgroup. Then I decided to go to the Bring and Buy again..  It was worse than before!! But I wanted new Mangas so badly, that’s because I stood  there for about one hour.. But I think it was worth it. :33 Here are my archievements! <3

- Nitro+Chiral Special Edition Artbook <3 (Will write about this down here) - 18€
- Kire Papa  /キレパパ。Vol. 1  - 4€
-  The Devils Secret /
アクマのひみつ Akuma no Himitsu  / Des Teufels Gehemins (Oneshot) – 3€
Challengers /
チャレンジャーズ Challangers / Küss mich Student! Vol. 1-4 with case – 15€
- Metamorphose  temps de fille Cardigan in mint, new – 30€

(I also bought a signed Poster from the famous german illustrator Lancha, Gosh I love her !)

Here are some extra Pictures from the Artbook for my friend Jenny, she is also an BL- Lover //D
For those people, who doesn't know these games, they contain much 18+ Boys Love! ^^"
Both are Japanese games, but Togainu no Chi is full fan- translated into english.

~> Togainu no Chi Game Opening
~>Lamento - Beyond the Void- Game Opening



At the end of the day we all were really stressed, so we drove home at 19 o’ clock.
All in all, the day was very wonderful, I met so many nice people :3
Can’t wait for Connichi 2013. <3

Extra Photos!

My Outfit

Photo with beautiful Monoloque de Chi (。♥‿♥。)

Thank you for reading xx ♥


  1. Der Cardigan ist superhübsch ^-^
    Dein Outfit ist es auch :3

  2. Das hast du direkt richtig ausgedrückt:
    "Artbook from my friend Jenny" Gut, dass wir uns da einig sind :D
    Der Cardi ist so süß *_*

    1. Das war ein Rechtschreibfehler du Nuss :D
      Jaa *3*

    2. Manche nennen es Tippfehler, manche nennen es Schicksal :D