Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Derping around & Visiting the Cinema!

Hello cuties ♥!
 So today were a special day :)
 I met Jenny in the city! At first we thought her "school" would start this week, but recently it only starts next week ^^"
 We decided to wear Lolita, because the weatherforcast didn't look good for the rest of the week. (>_<)

 At first we went to the "Thiergallerie" in Dortmund - because I were veeeery hungry ( ̄□ ̄;)
 Me eating some french fries. Not very healthy, but cheap :D

 Jenny also gave me my Birthday Present!
I were so exicted, because she visited BTSSB Paris some weeks ago! ♥ ( ・ω・)
I had to close my eyes - first I didn't realized why, but then..

 A Hogarts letter! So damn cool! *O*
You are good at crafting sweetie :3

 And I also got this:
 A super cute stationary from BTSSB, a Postcard and a mini Usakumya. (This will take place in my car. ^o^)Thank you my dear <333333You are the best friend ever!

 After that we decided to walk around the city.
We stopped at the "Saturn" and discovered this super-awesome DVD!
 No matter what, Adventure Time is the coolest TV-Show ever! 

 Then we went to the neraby cinema. Some time ago we swore us to watch "Dark Shadows" - Johnny Depp & Tim Burton are the best partners for movies!

 The movie was very good - but the end was a little bit.. meh. We expected a little bit more :s 

 Now - our Outfits!

 Jenny <3

..and me. (Damn, I look so.. derpy D: )

That was our day :) Thank you for reading! ☆ミ


  1. Du siehst gar nicht derpy aus! War ein klasse Tag!

  2. You both look cute :3
    Seems you had a nice and fun day!