Friday, August 17, 2012

Still alive! / Holiday Experiences

Hello cuties ~ !
So, the vacation ends for me next wednesday ..
I were so lazy for the last days. I wanted to blog so many things, but I simply had no time.
Now, I want to share some Events with you. (✿◠‿◠)

Europapark Rust

In the second week of the holidays I went to the Europapark Rust from Wednesday to Friday with my best friend Kristijan. I can tell you, the car drive was so crazy! We drove for 6 ½ hours, instead of 4. Our hotel room was okay. (Apart from our super hot heater, and the small television haha.)

At the first day we stayed at our hotel, and decided to go hiking!  (Whose idea was that? o_o'The climb was veeery exhausing, but we were rewarded by a wonderful view!

The next day we visited the Europapark. It wasn’t my first time, but Kristijan wanted to see it anyway. The weather was perfect to ride some roller coasters and water rides! <3 We had so much fun together.

I can only say: If you are in Germany, visit it!  The entrance for two day costs about 70€ for adults. There are also Hotels at the park, but they are a little bit costly. Be sure to wear some comfortable shoes,  the park is quite large!

At the end I wanted to share some.. well.. "unhealthy food" pictures..

Animagic 2012 - Sunday

I also visited the “Animagic” (Big Convention in Germany) some weeks ago. ()  I drove by car with my friend May, because there was a small Lolita fashion show! I attended with my Oldschool Sweet-Lolita Outfit. The weather was really bad.. It rained the whole day! And I weren’t  able to go inside, because I had an “Outdoor Ticket”.. But all the models were allowed to stay at the “Dunkelsuess” booth. (This is the German Lolita Community). 

Beautiful Miri and me! I look so derpy..(≧д≦)

At the end of the day I  were able to go inside. (Don't want to comment this further.. ;) ) I swore to myself not to buy anything! But in the end I just couldn't resist on these things D: ! (¬_¬) 

A "Finder" Poster, Love Celeb Vol. 4, and the BTSSB Mook with Bag (。♥‿♥。)

 All in all, the Anmiagic was okay. But in my opinion the Dokomi is a way better!

Random Things / Now

So, today is Friday - sadly. But Sunday I will go to the Gamescom in Cologne with Jenny! I hope it won't be so hot. (The weather forecast says ~ 40° degrees!!!!) !(◎_◎;)  Not rly perfect for Lolita - instead if you want to wear a big hime wig.  But like my mother says "Wer schön sein will muss leiden" (Who wants to be beautiful must suffer)

At the end I want to share "my catchy song for summer 2012".
This is the fault of my cousin. DEFINITLY.(* ̄∇ ̄*)

Thank you for reading ! ☆ミ


  1. Woohooo nach 1 Monat hast du endlich deinen Blog geupdated... und dafür musste ich dir ganz schnell die Bilder von der Ani senden? :-PPP

    OMG seit du dieses Video bei FB gepostet hast muss ich das auch ständig gucken!!

    1. Jaa ich weiß :/ irgendwie war ich total..faul :D

      Das ist echt ein übler Ohrwurm.. xD
      Aber so langsam legt sich das bei mir wieder :p

  2. Irgendwie war jeder im Europapark dieses Jahr xD
    war es bei euch auch so brechend voll??

    1. Ich merk es gerade :D
      Aber es war total leer, haben seehr wenig angestanden :o ! Silverstar z.B nur 20min!

  3. Das ist so gut xDD
    Du warst in der 2., ich in der 3. und ami in der 4. woche im Europapark. Wir waren irgendwie echt alle da. xD
    Ich freue mich auf die Gamescom ^o^ Aber heeeeiß!

    1. Echt jetzt? :D ohje !
      Aber ich freu mich auch auf die Gamescom..nur das Wetter.. D: fuu !

  4. Hiking! you have courage!!
    The landscape is amazing though ^^

    noo, you look cute! ^^

    1. Aw thank you :) !
      Yeah, the landscape was really amazing *w*